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Pet Au Pair's rates vary depending on the number of pets you have and what type of care you are looking for.

We will be happy to explain our pricing in more detail.  Please contact us at 271.8631 or email us at for more information.

We gladly accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

We did a price comparison to give you an idea of the difference between pet sitting pricing vs. kennel/boarding pricing.

Comparison of Pet Sitting vs. Kennel Pricing:

Pet Sitting: The average cost for up to two dogs is $18 per visit. Our rates include everything: love & attention, playtime, brushing, long walks, feeding and fresh water, dispensing medications AND, we also take care of your home.  You will most certainly avoid the possibility of your pets not eating for days because of stress and you will also prevent them from illness.  Pups in our care always eat and are always happy when Pet au Pair is there (please contact for a cost estimate based on your specific needs).

Cats:  It is a no brainer to me; let your kitties stay home.  It costs $12-$16 per day for cats at a kennel.  But it costs roughly the same to leave them home.  Cats are very independent however they need their love and attention too.  Leave them home!  They love it.  I have four myself!

No Frills Kennels: Starting at $19-$22 per one dog.  That means no walks, no love and attention.  NOTHING but getting to go out for a few minutes twice a day.  However, they will let you add walks, love and attention, Treats, playtime and meds; ALL FOR EXTRA COSTS!!!!  If you add a walk, love, play and a treat you will now pay $34 per day... and that is for only
one dog.

With Frills Kennels: Again they are in a cage or a upgraded to a suite, which has a bed and maybe even a TV.  So, the atmosphere is much better.  You will pay anywhere from $28-$35 per day for one dog, add another dog and add another $20 to the same room.  Want walks and playtime, add another $16 for each dog.  You end up paying around $46 per day for one dog or $66 for two dogs. 

Some Kennels even have a policy that if your pet does not eat or drink in more than 24 hours, they call your vet.  If they have to entice the pet to eat, they will charge you more to feed them special items.  If kennels have this as a part of their policy, what do you think this says?  It says that a lot of dogs DO NOT EAT OR DRINK WHILE IN THEIR CARE.  The reason for that is STRESS and ANXIETY for your pet and of course now you too!

Conclusion: In short, it is my opinion you will save money in the long run and your pets will receive much better care in choosing a loving and professional pet sitting service such as Pet Au Pair.

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Servicing Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs & parts of Raleigh.

Kya & Ripley with their Au Pair.  This is much more fun than a kennel...

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