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Pet Sitting vs. Kennels

Why choose in home pet care with Pet Au Pair
instead of kennel boarding?

You have made the right choice to learn more about in-home pet care with Pet Au Pair.† The benefits to pet-sitting vs. kennel boarding for you and your pets are tremendous.† The primary benefit is that your pets will be able to stay in their own home where they are most comfortable and secure.†

In-home pet care eliminates most of the stress your pets feel when you leave them for short or long periods of time.

Pets placed in Kennels often experience:

  • Small, cramped cages
  • Loud, continuous barking
  • Exposure to illness
  • Experience a lot of stress
  • Constant commotion with numerous employees and upset pets
  • Only two to three short periods of outside time
  • Most pets do not eat in kennels due to high levels of stress
  • Not enough one on one attention
  • An extra night stay due to limited pet pick up times

Benefits to in-home pet care with Pet Au Pair:†††††††††††

  • Pets are in the comfort of their own home so they are more relaxed.
  • Your petís routine will remain the same, less stress.
  • 30 minutes of one on one loving attention.
  • Long walks and plenty of outside time
  • Cuddle time and sweet talk
  • Little or no stress (including you)
  • Playtime
  • Favorite toys and chew treats
  • Special dietary needs or preferences
  • Access to call your pet-sitter to check on your pets at anytime
  • Daily notes via our pet reports
  • Daily brushing
  • No car rides to the kennel, we come to you, again less stress
  • Your home is also cared for
  • Your mail, newspapers, and packages will be taken care of
  • Your plants will be watered
  • Last but not least, your pets will be much happier and healthier!

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